Weekly FREE Tutorials Begin in mid-January
Weekly FREE Tutorials Begin in mid-January
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Girl's Night DIY

Girl's Night DIY came out of a lot of chats over crafting with my girlfriends. We wanted to do more crafting, spending time together, snacking, and having fun. That's how Girl's Night DIY craft kits in sets of four were born! 

I am both the ultimate crafter want-to-be and the ultimate craft failure. I love taking on new projects to spruce up my house around the year and I get especially invested around the holidays in trying to make something cute and new for display at all my holiday parties.

I usually bring in a friend or two when I know I'm going to be crafting because I often need them to save me from myself. Sometimes it's rushing me to the cold water after a glue gun burn, other times it's undoing the inexplicable knot I made that looks nothing like the example I was working on, and even when I get it just right, it's more fun when my friends are there to cheer me on. They love it too because besides laughing at me, they get to take home some of the fun things they created as part of our evening of crafts.

I'm sure it's no secret that drinks and snacks are also part of the fun on these crafting nights. We tried some of the other options for crafting like paint and sip nights or painting ceramics, and we had a good time. We just always ended up coming back to our girl's nights in where we could be a little louder, a little messier, and a little more ourselves.

Girl's Night DIY is about bringing that experience to everyone. The chance to have an evening with your best friends, creating something fun, laughing together, and doing it all for a reasonable price. That was another biggie for us, it was so much less expensive to provide our own snacks and wine at home than to go out and spend a ton of money on the exact same type of things! It's part of the reason keeping the prices reasonable, and giving you exactly what you need and not a whole bunch more is part of our ethos. We want to keep costs down by giving you only supplies you need, and not leaving you with stockpiles of things that will end up in the back of a closet collecting dust. We also keep waste down by providing exactly the right amount of each craft item for your project, so at the end of the night there should be minimal garbage, some recycling, and mostly a craft that you love!

Speaking of the craft that you love... I promise, no matter your crafting skill or lack thereof, you will have a great time and you will end up with a craft you love. Our crack team of testers are self identified craft failures, and we worked on the crafts, the products, and the instructions, so they are set up so that even our crack team of testers got perfect results each time they tried a new craft kit for the first time.

Now, for the nitty-gritty, each craft kit is set up for a group of four. So that means four friends can have a fun night of crafting, or for a big event get two kits and have a group of eight crafting together (or more). The kits come with instructions, and there is also a You Tube video you can watch that will go over any of the tricky bits just in case you need a reminder even after the instructions.

The most important bit is that we hope you have a lot of fun, and get to take something home that you will be able to use and enjoy long afterwards.

To Crafts, Friends, and Fun!

Aimee Haynes, Founder